Essential Equipment For Card Making

Essential equipment you most likely already have

You should already have at home the basic essential equipment that you would need as a card maker. The best rulers for card making are clear with a grid form on them. However if all you have is an opaque ruler, that’s okay to start with.

Any scissors are okay to start with, the sharper the better. If you do not have a craft knife, use any type of utility knife.

adhesives and 3-D equipment

Other essential equipment items are some form of adhesive to stick the pieces together on your card.

You could use glue either as a glue stick or liquid glue such as PVA based glues, but I would not recommend this, except as a stopgap, or for very particular applications. Glue is far less forgiving when you make mistakes, and liquid glues can distort the card stock. Double sided tape, which is available in various widths for different purposes, is a much better alternative. Tape is also in my experience the best way to stick any fabric/ribbon.

A card with definite 3-D profile looks much more professional. A quick and easy way of achieving this affect is by using foam tape. Both double sided tape and foam tape are widely available.

They can be purchased at dedicated craft stores, in department store craft areas, and in discount stores. I have found the tape available in discount stores to be quite adequate and is often available in various widths.

3-D foam tape is also widely available and I would recommend to purchase foam tape from various different sources as the depth/sizes/shapes vary widely, and different projects would look better using different depth/ size and shape foam tapes.

One year I produced a pseudo - decoupage effect on a Christmas card. In the scrapbook paper I used had multiple rows of a pattern including a snowman. I cut one panel from the paper. I then cut out from another row an identical snowman. I adhered him on top of the snowman in the panel. I chose different depths of 3-D tape, e.g. three different depth 3-D tapes for the three snowballs comprising the snowman. This was a very effective technique, producing a realistic looking snowman, and much easier than decoupage.

Additional cutting equipment required

In addition to the scissors and craft knife in the basic equipment these two items would be very helpful and should be on your priority list to obtain. If you plan to do cutting using a craft knife, a cutting mat is very important to protect your tabletop. The added benefit is that the grills will help you to line up your paper exactly to get a professional result.

A craft knife should never be used with a plastic ruler as the craft knife will eat into the plastic. As a result, the ruler could no longer be used to draw a straight line. So if you are going to use a craft knife you will need to have a metal ruler.

Both of these items can be obtained fairly cheaply at office supply stores.

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