Other Desirable and useful equipment for card makers?

In addition to the absolutely essential equipment for card making, there is some other equipment that I would highly recommend to get as soon as possible as they are desirable and very useful for more efficient and effective card making.

On the next page I will outline two proprietary products that I use regularly and would highly recommend.

These items will be used throughout any projects you make. Some of these will also find other uses in your household so well worth getting as soon as you can. You may need to go to more specialised stores to obtain these items so I have outlined where I purchased them.

Desirable and Useful Equipment Examples

Scissor and/or knife sharpener

I strongly believe that technicians are only as good as their tools, therefore keeping tools in the best possible condition is vital for the most professional result. For scissors and knives to cut effectively they need to be kept as sharp as possible. Blunt knives will tear rather than cut paper. Blunt scissors will not cut tape very well at all so are very frustrating.

On top is my scissor and knife sharpener. It is designed to sharpen both right and left-hand scissors as well as knives so is very versatile. You may find scissor sharpeners in a craft store. I found this particular sharpener at a kitchen store that specialised in knives and cutting equipment for the kitchen.

I keep this sharpener largely for my craft room. I also use this sharpener to keep my household scissors sharp as one of my pet hates is working with blunt scissors. I have stay sharp knives in my kitchen so I don't need to sharpen them. 

Bone scorer

The item on the bottom left is a bone scorer (otherwise known as a bone folder) which has many uses in the craft room. In my opinion using a bone scorer is the fastest and most efficient way of producing a professional looking sharp spine with your cards. I plan to soon add before and after pictures to show how easily this professional result can be obtained. 

Bone scorers can be obtained from specialised crafting/ scrapbooking stores, either brick and mortar or check the Internet.

Craft tweezers

These specialised craft tweezers are very useful for picking up small items, such as diamantes or small punched out/die-cut pieces, and placing them on your page. You most likely already have tweezers in your house that can be used at a pinch. However these craft tweezers are shaped so they are easier to use for this purpose and more ergonomic.

Craft trimmers

Craft trimmers are used to cut card to size. This is far easier to do and produces more professional result than with a pair of scissors or knife. I still use both knife and scissors but most of my basic cutting would be with the craft trimmer.

The other use for a craft trimmer is to cut your background card stock to the the size you need it for your card. You can usually buy your card stock in the correct size to make a card, but it may not be the cheapest option. (A5 card for a C6 finished/folded size is the standard to use under the metric system.) An A5 card can be made by cutting A4 cardstock in half.

The reason I particularly like  the craft trimmer shown is that it has the dimensions marked for many different cardstock sizes. It has an inch grid, and measurements top and bottom in both metric and imperial.

There are many different craft trimmer styles available from multiple different companies with their own particular characteristics. The image shows my favourite trimmer, but I have several other smaller trimmers that I purchased when I used to run craft classes and now use from time to time.

Craft trimmers can be obtained from craft and office supply shops. My advice is to choose one that is large enough to fit an A4 sheet in the portrait position as this gives you greater flexibility. 

NB: Check out the availability of refill blades and other renewable supplies for the trimmer before purchase. It can be rather frustrating and costly to be forced to retire a favourite trimmer because refill blades are unavailable.

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