About Me

Simple, quick but effective Christmas card using stickers ribbons and brads

If you're wondering about me and my qualifications to offer advice on this site; this is a brief introduction:

I have been a creative person from my earliest memories. During my life I have tried many different types of craft. During the last couple of decades, I have been doing mostly various forms of paper crafting.

My Greeting Card Credentials

Father's Day card I made using Washi stickers

I have been card making for several decades and was trained with an Australian craft company Crafty Kids the predecessor of Kaszazz as a card making and scrapbooking instructor about 20 years ago.

For 3/4 years I made birthday cards for my local church. This church has more than 200 members, so I handed out anything up to 10 cards in any one week.  Then for several years I made Mother's Day and Father's Day cards for the congregation. Which required about 80 cards for each of the occasions.

One of the Mother's Day cards I made

For two years, as a women's ministry activity by facilitated card making days several times a year. Each of these days were themed. Prior to each day, I produced ~50 different cards, demonstrating the theme for the participants inspiration. I was doing this while making birthday cards for the congregation. Many of the cards that I made to inspire the participants in the facilitated card making days, I later gave away as birthday cards.

This shortbread house sticker came in an unsolicited pack promoting a charity. I recycled these stickers to make Christmas cards.

More About Me

In addition to my creative side, I am also a very strong scientist. When I returned to study chemistry as a mature age student, I started making Christmas cards for my lecturers and tutors. When I started graduate study, I also make cards for the other graduate students in my office. This was in addition to the cards that I had been making for friends at church and my family. So I made between 50 and 70 Christmas cards in any one year.

The message on this card is cut using a crafting die. When I purchased this die the backing card had an image behind a reproduction of the text. I recycled it as the background for this card and then die cut the message and mounted it slightly offset from the printed message to make it appear to pop out from the page

While I was a graduate student my faculty student support officers offered various activities: either personal development, academic or stress relief.

The image on this card is one multi toned metallic sticker. I layered the panel with light weight metallic card to match.

 I offered to run facilitated card making sessions, similar to what I had previously done at the church, for my fellow students.

Christmas 2018, I volunteered with my local Salvation Army Christmas parcels program. I offered to make handmade Christmas cards to go in each parcel. 

The image on this page is a repurposed gift tag. I layered this gift tag with inked plain white card stock and then scrapbooking paper.

I ended up making more than 150 cards. The Christmas cards you can see on this page are some of them.

Some cards that I have created recently for a project to support grocery shop staff during the panic buying due to COVID-19 can be viewed here. Another project in this space, involved several cards made from postcard thank yous included in orders from a company I support who shares my environmentally conscious ideas. It was particularly appropriate to recycle their postcard into other thank you cards.

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