Useful Proprietary Products

In addition to some generic useful and desirable products for card making, here are two useful proprietary products that I would recommend to any card maker.

Un-Do® Sticky Removal Solution

Un-Do® is a useful proprietary multipurpose removal solution for sticky adhesives. It has many uses within the craft room and of the products suggested on this page would probably have the most applicability throughout your house. So I would highly recommend that you get hold of it.

In the card making field I have used this to replace/reposition stickers as it can remove stickers without damaging the card surface or the sticker. Once the Un-Do® has evaporated the sticker can be reused.

If you use double sided tape to stick the card together you can change the arrangement of the card pieces without damaging any piece. This also applies for items attached with 3-D foam tape.

The other major use I have for Un-Do® in my craft room is to keep scissors stick free. I simply place a few drops of the solution on a tissue and wipe the cutting surfaces of scissors and/or knives that have become sticky through cutting tape or other adhesives. I have found I can clean up several items before the solution evaporates which is very efficient use of it.

In Australia this can be purchased through Bunnings warehouses. If you’re in the USA, contact the company to find retail companies that stock it. If you are elsewhere in the world I would suggest to search online. For the other uses around the house I would suggest you check this page from the manufacturer’s website, or use your own imagination.

Ranger Glossy Accents™

Glossy Accents, which is made by Ranger a specialist craft company, is another highly recommended proprietary product that I have used regularly for many years. This product can also be used in other craft areas.

This is a very versatile product that can be used as a glue for hard to attach accents i.e. non-paper/card objects.

(In this case, ignore the suggestion in the Essential Equipment page to not use glue, as with these objects, tape is often too awkward to use.)

The principle use this product was designed for, which is reflected in its name, is to give a clear glossy 3-D accent to selected parts of your card. An example of this use is to produce a slightly rounded 3-D circle to represent the stamen in the centre of a flower.

As this is a specialised product, this will need to be sourced at brick & mortar or online craft shops or it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer if you are in North America.

This product can be kept for many years and will retain its adhesive value, as long as the lid is properly closed. (I highly recommend to follow the instructions for cleanup after use.)

After several years of storage, this product may be slightly discoloured. This does not affect its use as long as you are not worried about a slight colour distortion in the flower stamens and other 3-D accent uses.

I find that the fine application tube can be blocked by any product accidentally left in the tube if the product is left unused for an extended time. I have a home-made tool that fixes this problem very easily. Take a paper slide and pull out the first loop. This piece can be used to clear any blockage. I have needed to make a new tool over time because any rust that develops on the tool will discolour the product.

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