Serendipity: Happy Mistakes or Accidents in Card Making

The message was stamped directly on the background originally when making this card. I was unhappy with it so I changed it by stamping the message on another piece of the background card stock and attaching it. This also emphasised the most important part of the message.

Whether you are an experienced or brand-new card maker, mistakes are inevitable - so don't fret. In my experience, serendipity often comes to the rescue. On many occasions I have found that the resulting cards were much better than I had originally envisaged.

In the card on the right I wasn't happy with the original message. I decided to smear the ink, as the background paper had a deliberate grungy effect. This smear just added to and enhanced the grunginess. The smearing left a faint message. I then re-stamped the image with the original message leaving a shadow. 

I remember one occasion when I was desperately trying to match a very unusually coloured background by repeatedly over-stamping the message. I had first tried all the different inks I had that were from the same colour but they all clashed with the background. I persisted with this over-stamping for over an hour -with no success. Finally I abandoned this attempt and used a plain black ink for the project. Fortunately, I did not discard the unsuccessful attempt.

About a week later when I was card making again I had another card which also had an unusually coloured background. I remembered the unsuccessful attempt, and it exactly matched this card's background. Serendipity to the rescue.

The cards in the section below use card stock from another serendipitous incident.

The background to the tulips was produced in this serendipity incident. It was then layered with pale pink ridged card stock then white card stock.

Serendipity in Action

The red mat, flowers and jug in this card and the green mat were produced in this serendipity incident.

The house that we lived in had a pergola attached when it was bought.  We modified it by removing the pergola and adding an extra room which was turned into an office. This was attached under the original guttering for the house.

Unbeknown to us leaves had blocked the outlet to the water tank leaving the gutters full. So when we got a massive downpour of rain, the water had nowhere else to go and started flooding out of the ceiling. Priorities were to remove the computer and other electronic equipment and books in a large bookcase.

In one corner of the room we had an old desk which had been used for different crafting projects. It had bits of bits and pieces of leftover and unused light card stock on it with some regular typing paper on the top. This was of low priority and so we just covered it with a tarp. It was well over a week before we managed to get back to look at what had happened to this desk. All the card stock /paper had been saturated for that time.

Both the background with the flower and the background of the message are from this serendipitous incident. The message was over-stamped multiple times for emphasis and the extra-faint stamping to match extra markings in the background.
This Christmas card's background was also created in this serendipity.

I briefly thought that I would have to discard all of this, but I decide to try and dry it out first. I roughly grouped the papers by colours, then place the stacks of the same colour on plastic shopping bags down one side of our hallway. I regularly turned these stacks from top to bottom and moving inside to outside until all the paper was dry. When I looked at these dried papers I was astonished.

Because the paper had dried without any significant weight on it it now resembled handmade paper. Colours had blended as well. For most of the papers it was possible to tell which was the original colour among various colours in the sheet of card. However for some of the papers this was impossible as the colour bleeding was too intensive.

For example in the Christmas card above, the visible side of the background appears as if the original card may have been green, but on the reverse side blue dominates. Other effects also were found.

One of the projects, that had remainders from it on the table, had used punched out flowers. One  miss-cut flower had been sandwiched in between other papers. Its colour had transferred to another page, hence the flower on the background in the "You're the Best" card above.

The flowers in this card were stamped on paper created in this serendipity. The paper used to mat the floral panel was also from this incident.

In other cases, strips and slices and other random pieces of paper produced motley coloured card stock as in the backing card for tulips card above and the Happy Mother's Day roses card immediately above. Roses for this card were also stamped on other motley coloured card stock from this incident which enhanced their effect.

Some unused card stock had not been put away after several projects. So, I ended up with approximately one ream of absolutely unique and in many cases very attractive papers/card stock which I could not of obtained in any other way. Serendipity indeed.

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