Card making 101

If you are new to card making, you probably have many questions: 

Very simple card using wrapping paper background image

Essential Equipment For Card Making

There is a vast difference between essential equipment and desired equipment in card making. It can be an expensive hobby or you could find very cheap ways to do this. So what is the essential equipment that is required?

Card using recycled material

The good news is that you will most likely find most of the essential equipment already in your home, especially if you recently have had exposure to school-aged children, either your own children or grandchildren. Other essential equipment can be accessed cheaply at department stores and/or 'discount shops'.

How expensive is card making?

The expense of this hobby will largely be determined by how well you can resist the many options available out there. There are many ways to reduce your costs which I have outlaid in A group of pages headlined the 3 R's of Card Making, and will continue to add to.

Beginner and easy 'expert' techniques

More advanced card using dry embossing and stamping

If you are an artist or have artistic ability you would be able to draw and paint your own cards. However for the majority of us without this ability there is still a lot of hope. We can create beautiful cards that look professional without artistic ability. 

My artistic ability is extremely basic however I have made some beautiful cards using equipment available for card makers. Some of my more recently purchased items are highly professional equipment, but a lot of card making equipment can be purchased quite cheaply – which is my ongoing habit. 

Deceptively difficult looking but easy card using basic stamping.

I will be discussing techniques for producing 3-D effects in card making such as matting and use of dimensional tape. I will discuss the use of basic and more advanced stamping techniques in card making. I will also discuss Various forms of embossing, die cutting and other card making techniques.

Future Plans

I will soon be adding a members only area sign up. This will allow you to receive monthly newsletters with more details on these card making techniques. I plan to have some of these newsletters more applicable to those inexperienced in card making, but also include newsletters for those who already have some experience card making.

 I also plan to have a forum where tips can be exchanged.

Please continue to check back for these.

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