A solution for the Panic Buying Abuse of Grocery Store Staff in the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

In the coronavirus Covid-19 virus pandemic, many shoppers are panic buying groceries. Grocery store staff are suffering abuse from shoppers, and are very stressed out because of this panic buying. I decided to make these cards to mitigate against this problem. Thanks and appreciation makes a huge difference, evidenced by the change of expression on the staff members face when they receive one of these cards.

These two cards are both made from paper created by a serendipitous incident. The message in the first card is double stamped, matching both the silvery grey of the flower in the background paper and cardstock colour. The silvery grey shadow is reminiscent of the subtle colour changes in the background. This double stamping also ties the card together.

The pale coloured distressed ink used for the message in this card gives a mottled effect which is reminiscent of the background and ties the two together.

Because these pieces of card stock were from a serendipitous incident they cannot be replaced. So careful use of this resource is needed to maximise benefits. This background card stock had previously had a couple of mini daisies cut from it. By carefully cutting and layering this card stock and adding the flower centres cut from small scraps remaining from the trimming of the card stock, allowed the use of this card stock without wastage. 

The vellum in this card is layered over ivory card stock which dulls the colour.

This also tied the flowers into the background and made them look as if they were planned.

These next two cards both use the same floral patterned vellum. The top card background colour looks much duller than the bottom one. This is a good example of how you can create different effects with speciality card stock such as vellum, which is transparent or at least translucent.

This card uses the same vellum as the previous card but is layered over white cardstock so its pattern is brighter.

The card shown below contains other effects that can be achieved using this speciality card. Dual coloured pink vellum is layered under colourless background vellum with dark pink spots in this card to achieve a new effect that appears to have a single background of dual colours and matching spots.

A slightly different technique was used to produce the mat in a second dual colour card.

This card uses two vellum patterns layered exactly together, appearing to be one. Giving a different effect to either of the individual vellum patterns.
To achieve the mat around the message in this card, the message was stamped on white cardstock, and off-centre layered on the same cardstock as the background. Then matching vellum to the background was attached giving a dual coloured spotted vellum appearance.

A single colour of blue dotted vellum was layered over two pieces of different coloured card stock that had been layered together, this produces a matted message which appears to be a single two coloured blue spotted piece of card.

Many kinds of vellum cannot be stamped on except with permanent inks as most inks will not dry. The only way you can use water-based inks is to heat set them, which may warp the vellum. Here I have stamped the message on the underlying card which then appears to be on the vellum. I used an ink that was slightly darker than the finished effect that I wanted as vellum being slightly translucent will dull down the colour.

The purple vellum is layered on deep purple cardstock in this card. The message is stamped on white card stock and layered with a leftover scrap of the vellum.

These two cards are made from adjacent pieces cut from a strip of the same piece of vellum. The studs in the first card and the spirals, oval frame and studs in the second card are from the same pack of old gold coloured accessories. The same base card and layering cardstock is used. The two very different cards are produced by variation in ordering of the different coloured cardstock, and choosing different accessories.

In this card the vellum cut from another region of the same vellum sheet is layered on white card stock, creating a very different effect. The deep purple card stock is layered under white card stock.
The double stamping used in the message on this card gives a shadow, and ties the message together with both the base card and the layering card.

This card has patterned vellum over patterned paper. The vellum used in this card has a pale silvery woodgrain pattern, which is barely visible on the different coloured plain cardstock I tried. So, I decided to layer it over brown coloured woodgrain patterned paper. This gives the effect of a single brown woodgrain background pattern with silvery woodgrain highlights on movement.

These cards show just a few of the many different effects that can be made using patterned vellum.

If you want to make your own cards, check out ideas on the card making 101 pages.

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