Traditional handmade greeting cards, WHY?

History of greeting cards

Traditionally, handmade greeting messages and cards were exchanged, with commercial greeting cards the latecomer. Ancient Chinese were known to exchange New Year greetings; while the early Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to send their greetings.

Europeans started sending and selling handmade greeting cards in the 15th century. The first known Christmas card was an artist designed card made in 1843. The invention of lithography at the end of the 18th century and perfection of colour lithography a century later allowed the commercialisation of greeting cards.

Why revert to using handmade greeting cards?

There are many different reasons that a person would use home-made greeting cards:

  • They can be custom-made to reflect the recipient personality. Card colours can be chosen to reflect the recipient's favourite colours and images can be chosen to reflect favourite activities, for example.
  • There is no risk of recipients receiving duplicate cards, as shown in this report from New Zealand, were a woman celebrating her 100th birthday received more than 50 duplicate cards.

… As a solution to this, unique one-off handmade cards are better in situations where producing a multitude of different card variations would not be commercially viable. Multiple pregnancies are another situation where commercial viability is limited, but handmade greeting cards are feasible. 

Unique Happy 100th birthday card and gift I designed for my great aunt. The paper used showed jelly beans was very appropriate as this card was designed to cover a jar of jelly beans.

When my great aunt reached her 100th birthday I created a unique card/gift. It was designed to cover a jar of jelly beans which was her favourite sweet. This not only gave the gift of a card and her favourite sweet but the gift of some increased independence.

  • It might better imply recipient’s importance to the giver of the greeting card. I have personally seen multiple Christmas cards and a sympathy card I have made, still displayed several years after delivering them; showing the recipients' appreciation
  • In addition, handmade greeting cards could also have a dual use as not only a greeting card but also a gift, as in the card/gift I gave at my great aunt's 100th birthday. I have also made unique cards/gifts by incorporating, in several different ways, small removable gifts within the card structure.

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